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Through the Valleys - Documentary

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Through The Valleys is a 47-minute long feature documentary about Robin Blomdin, a PhD student who gets his first chance to lead a research project in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan. Through his eyes we get to experience an adventure in a breathtaking landscape, as he tries to unravel how big the glaciers in Central Asia were during the last ice age.The project is a crucial part of the research that's needed to understand past climate change and in turn, predict the future climate of our planet.

In the film, Robin leads two science teams through rugged terrain far away from civilisation, while collecting his last essential rock samples for his PhD thesis. Time is running out and the problems keep piling up. Can he handle the pressure and take the next step in his journey of becoming a scientist? Through The Valleys is a film about following your dreams and attempting to make a difference in the world.

To find out more visit the documentaries Facebook page.

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